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Tube Testing/Heat Exchangers

Tube Testing/Heat Exchangers.

There are 4 types of tube inspection Technics:

Option 1.
Eddy Current Testing

Is the fastest way to inspect non-ferrous tubing. This method collects data at twice the speed of any other inspection method, resulting in work being performed quickly and efficiently.

• Portable (yes)
• Little pre-cleaning required (yes)
• Accurate measurements (yes)

• Detects surface and subsurface flaws
• Sensitive to small discontinuities
• Immediate results

Option 2.

Remote Field Testing (RFT) is the best method for inspecting ferrous tubing. It is used on boiler tubes and another ferrous tubing where Eddy Current methods are limited. RFT is faster than previous methods wherein technicians can increase inspection efforts with significant results.• Equal sensitivity to ID (inside diameter) and OD (outside diameter) indications

• Can detect and size defects
• Uses probes to determine wall loss, pit sizing, and flaw detection
• Suitable for carbon steel, boiler tubes, ferritic stainless
steel, nickel, and other ferromagnetic materials

Options 3.

Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) is based on ultrasonics whereas Eddy Current and Remote Field Testing are based on electromagnetic principles. IRIS uses pressurized water to collect data around the tube. Tube_Inspection
• Accurate
• Inspects both ferrous and non-ferrous tubing
• Profile and depth of defect is provided in a 3D image

• Results are easy to interpret
• Sensitive to discontinuities

Options 4.
Visual Inspection (VI) is used as an inspection technique or a

secondary analysis for defect prove-up.
• Used for inspection
• Provides digital stills or video recordings of inspection
• Can perform pre-screening of tubes to ensure cleanliness

A tube inspection program detects damage to heat exchanger tubing before failure occurs. Advanced Corrosion Technologies & Training offers a wide range of advanced tube inspection programs to determine the integrity of heat exchanger tubing. By combining the latest technology with highly trained technicians, AIRIS provides the most advanced tube inspections currently available.

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